Computer Literacy/Operating system

When we talked about software, we said that computers come with some basic functions, for example playing music or viewing photos, and apps just add more. These basic functions of the computer are called operating system. The password prompt and desktop you have seen before are also part of the operating system.

The operating system is the first thing you see on the screen when you turn on the computer. Every operating system looks different. You can tell which operating system is running on the computer just by looking on the screen. Some of the most common operating systems are below.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS


To do:
Replace the list with screenshots.

Look at computers and devices around you. Can you tell which operating systems are they running? Which operating system is running on your computer?

We will first learn about Linux and then get back to other operating systems later. Linux has many flavors or distributions that differ only in small details.


To do:
Review screenshots of different distributions. If they are diverse enough, add a gallery here.

Can you recognize the flavor of Linux running on your computer?