Chain edit

A group of stones that are all connected along the lines of the board (vertically or horizontally). All stones in one chain share their liberties. Also "block", "string", or "group".

Group edit

Either a synonym for chain or used to refer to several chains considered together that co-operate or that could be trivially connected.

Liberty edit

An empty point adjacent to a single stone or chain of stones.

Point edit

Either the scoring unit or an intersection on the board. In Tromp-Taylor terminology, a point may be colored black, white, or empty. Using boards, coloring a point black or white means placing a stone of that color on the point. Coloring a point empty, i.e. emptying a point, means removing the stone from it.

Suicide edit

Self-capture; a move that does not capture any stones and in which the stone just placed has no liberties.

Superko edit

The rule that no move can repeat an earlier board position. In Tromp-Taylor terminology, a move that repeats an earlier grid coloring violates the superko rule. Variants of the rule exist.