Complete Detailed Grammar of the International Language Ido/Elements of a Word

Elements of a Word edit

A word can consist of diverse elements, like bofratino [sister-in-law], for example, in which one discerns:

  1. a root: frat [sibling],
  2. a desinence: o [noun],
  3. affixes, among which a prefix: bo [relationship by marriage], a suffix: in [female].

We designate root the essential irreducible element, which indicates the general idea that the word expresses here: frat.

We designate stem the assembly: root + affixes, here: bofratin.

We designate morpheme all what is soldered to a root to determine it: affixes and desinences, here: bo, in, o.[1]

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References edit

  1. A few words (in comparison to the rest) consist only of a root, e.g. the prepositions, many adverbs, conjunctions, etc.