Common Lisp/External libraries/ASDF/Installing ASDF

Installing ASDF edit

Is it installed for you? edit

Many lisp systems encoding SBCL, Allegro, OpenMCL and ECL are bundled with asdf. To test this, try entering the following into a lisp interpreter:

(require 'asdf)

If this succeeds, ASDF is installed and ready to go.

Downloading ASDF edit

If you have cvs installed, you can download asdf with the following commands. Press enter when prompted for a password.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P asdf

Alternatively, you can just download asdf.lisp from

Under Debian Linux and related systems, you can install asdf with:

apt-get install cl-asdf

Loading ASDF edit

Save asdf.lisp and associated other files into a location of your choice. For example my lisp files are in my home directory at /Users/Kirk/lisp. If you install ASDF system wide it may be under /user/local/lib.

Open the startup file for the lisp you are running. For clisp this will be ~/.clisprc.lisp. For cmucl try ~/.cmucl-init. Add the following line:

(load #p"/Path/to/asdf.lisp")

Replace /Path/to with the full path to the asdf.lisp file.

For example, if you've used cl-asdf package on Debian (or Ubuntu) GNU/Linux, the command will look like this:

(load #p"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.lisp")