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Common JavaScript Manual/Conditional statements

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If statementsEdit

We can do so that some blocks of code should execute only if condition true. For it we should use "if" expression. Let's see example.

n = 6;
if(n > 0)print("n is positive");

Else statementsEdit

We also can make code block that should be executed only if condition false. For execute much commands just enclose it in '{' and '}'.

n = -5;
if(n > 0){
  print("n is positive");
  print("n is negative or zero");

Else if statementsEdit

Also we can set any number conditions and blocks of code for this conditions.

n = 0;
if(n > 0){
  print("n is positive");
}else if(n == 0){
  print("n is zero");
  print("n is negative");

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