Cognitive Science: An Introduction/Practical Applications of Cognitive Science

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

Artificial intelligence is a clear practical use for cognitive science. Today, artificial intelligences, or AIs, do an enormous amount of work in our day-to-day world. Some of this work is doing things that a person could do, and much of it is doing things that no person could do, or could not do as quickly or as well.

It could be that human minds, without augmentation of some kind, are too simple to figure out some of the fundamental things about the universe. Even the behavior of artificial neural networks, themselves AIs, can be too complex to understand, and we need yet other computer tools to help us. Noam Chomsky as suggested that some of today's brightest minds are going into biology rather than physics because the problems of physics might be beyond the reach of the best geniuses of today.[1]


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