Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience/OverallStructure



Our workgroup OverallStructure tries to work out this project of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience by helping people how to do things right and remind them on the laws that we are all restricted to when we publish. We try to give, the groups that work on this book, useful help, inspiration and to remind them on certain dead-lines. Especially at the end we are going to put the chapters together as one piece, to make this a book worth being published and being read.

Working voltage is necessary for a workflow of our project to succeed. A workflow needs to be split up in sub-units. These subunits fill up the work schedule which is necessary to keep track of the workload and to stay in the timeframe. Here it is important to delegate work to different groups and to have us that has an overlook about what needs to be done and when it is due.

OverallStructure works with the group CrossReferences closely together. This is required, because otherwise there is the possibility, that we work counterproductive or that we work parallelly on the same thing. Therefor our groups need to find out together what our priorities are and how to put this into practice.

Social skills is a highly recommended to work in this group. Remembering and criticizing people is risky field. Our comments need to be productive and not to be offensive. We need close interaction with everybody working on this project, just by that it is possible for us to do the required work. We depend on the different groups and they depend on us. Therefor we need some empathy for the nature of humans.

Hence we expect of people working on this project and especially of ourselves:

  • We estimate people to have critical faculties, are able of some kind of self-reflection, self-discipline and tolerance.
  • In terms of working in groups, we anticipate everyone to be team-oriented, to cooperate with us and insight of the group, to be discountable, open to use communication skills and we hope to have at least one person in each group with some kind of leader-qualities.

OverallStructure emphasizes very much group-work. Working in groups has a lot of advantages: It makes a project being more productive and more flexible. Groups always optimize themselves, because each member of the group enhances the work of the others resulting in improved work-results. Each member harvest their own individuality and their own creativity. A group contains a special selfcheck, each member not cooperating get in some ways punished by the rest of the group.

Paraphrasing this we hope to find people being committed to this project. Our group is a very challenging and implies responsibility from both sides for this project to work and to succeed.