Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience/Copyright


I got some questions concerning copyright issues. Basically, we are only allowed to use free content or free-alike content (e.g. copyright protected stuff but with a written permission). If you are in doubt, here is a list of save license models:

  • GNU Free Documentation Licence (you must mention the creator)
  • Creative Commons (you must mention the creator):
    • Commercial Share-alike
    • Commercial No Derivative Works
  • Public domain
  • Not copyright protected (e.g. textes older than 70 years)

If you search for special content, certain images or so, take a peek here:

If you are in doubt, please mail User:Aschoeke or User:Iroewer.

A few notes: The use of Creative Commons Commercial No Derivative (short cc-by-nd) Works is strongly discouraged at best. When you upload the image you will have a nice little combo-box to select from licences that are fine. Also see Wikibooks:Image use policy, if in doubt you can also ask questions there on the discussion-page (if Aschoeke and Iroewer are unavailable).
All images on (wiki-)Commons can be used (no licence problems) (just use the [[image:]]-Tag, just the way you do it if images uploaded on wikibooks). The Categories Category:Neuroscience and Category:Psychology (and there subcategories) could be of particular interest to you.
Also remember that this only applies to images. The texts must follow the GNU Free Documentation Licence (see: Wikibooks:Copyrights), which theoretically means it must be published under it or a compatible Licence (e. g. (BSD licenses or GFDL) and mentioning the original authors or Public domain, but not any of the Creative Commons), which most likely means you'll just have to write it yourself (if you don't get it from one of the wiki-projects). --Bluebirch 15:03, 13 May 2006 (UTC)