Cognition and Instruction/Self Regulated Learning (An overview of Self-regulated learning)

What is Self Regulated Learning?

Definition Self-regulated learning is the ability to control

Theories of Self Regulated Learning

Metacognitive awareness

Strategy Use

Motivational Control

What is Metacognition (Metacognition is thinking about your own thinking. It is one of the components of self-regulated learning - Efklides, A (2011) Metacognition has two related dimensions: knowledge of cognition and regulation of cognition)

knowledge of cognition (knowledge of cognition has three components: 1. declarative knowledge about ourselves, 2. procedural knowledge about cognitive strategies 3. conditional knowledge about when or why to use a strategy. (textbook p.79)

regulation of cognition (regulation of cognition has three components: 1. planning 2. regulation 3. Evaluation (textbook p.79)

Development of metacognition (metacognition slowly develops through childhood and continue on to adulthood)

Theories Metacognition theory by John Flavel

Metacognitive awareness

What This Looks Like

Self Observation

Self Evaluation

Strategy Use (there are many strategies one can use to develop self regulated learning. In this section we will review some of the strategies we believe as important)




Application in a Classroom

Motivational Control ( self regulated learning is a process which the learner must enhance themselves, they need to have willpower)

Autonomy and control

Cultural View Differences