This book will focus on the climbing locations in Portugal for sports climbing, boulder and traditional climbing, and the routes in those locations.

Book Contents edit

General Information edit

  • Climb with a party of experienced mountaineers
  • Use of the helmet is recommended in any climbing school combined with the common sense of the sport practice in question
  • Take the garbage to places where it can be collected.
  • If there are some irregularity with the equipment, passage or other please contact the local tourism office or climbing association

Emergency Contacts edit

  • Emergency number: 112
  • SOS Forest: 112

Do not edit

  • Do not climb in no-go areas: local fauna thanks you!
    • Some sectors may be interdict during nesting periods, please consult local information about the open sectors
  • Do not make fire
  • Do not leave you garbage
  • Do not camp in the area

Ethics in Portugal edit

Follow the ethics of climbing, most of them are common in every country.

  • Always use two quick-draws at the anchors on the top of the route if you are top-roping, it is viewed as a bad practice to use the installed equipment directly as it can get worn down with use.

Contents edit

North Region edit

Sport Traditional Boulder Name Region

Center Region edit

Sport Traditional Boulder Name Region
Crista do Zebro Oleiros
Montejunto Montejunto
Azóia Sesimbra
Sesimbra Sesimbra

South Region edit

Sport Traditional Boulder Name Region
Rocha da Pena Algarve