General areas of cleaning

Remember, in order to have a nice clean house or life, you must always organize and prevent certain things from happening. as my parents were very clean, here is some general advice for staying clean. Also you have to diagnose what kind of cleaning problem you have.

Warnings: if you have any allergies to any cleaning products, do not use them.

Take off your shoes so the carpets stay clean, Use newspaper when eating on the table,easy to clean up. Keep all cleaning supplies in a safe place Replace crayons with non-toxic, washable markers Do not buy any soda with artificial colorizers (such as Sunny Delight, etc.)

Naturals cleaning agents vs. artificial cleaning agents


suggested treatments: degreaser


Suggested treatments: anti-microbial

Dining room

Suggested treatments

Living room

Suggested treatments


Suggested treatments


Suggested treatments

Tools for cleaning

Mop (swiffer) Vacuum cleaner

Common things

Sheets-cleaned every 2 weeks Air vents-every 2 years Filters-when needed

Suggested cleaners

lime, rust, calcium-CLR (but you can substitute them all with basically vinegar and salt) Carpets-oxyclean. protein based stains Sugar based stains-hot water (to decrystalize it) and a dry towel. Greasy stains-surfactant, such as warm water and soap. gum-Gasoline deoderizers-Baking soda crayons=hard rubbing glass cleaners -409 (etc.) or orange oil anti-microbial- 1 tablespoon bleach and 1 gallon of water. mold-more ventilation in the house needed.