Classical Nahuatl/verb: to want

This page covers the verb conjugations of the verb "to want" nequi.

Conjugations of the verb "to want"
Past Tense
English Nahuatl IPA English Nahuatl IPA English Nahuatl IPA
I wanted ōninequi oːni'neki you wanted ōtinequi oːti'neki s/he wanted ōnequi oː'neki
you (plural) wanted annequiqueh anne'kikeʔ we wanted tinequiqueh tine'kikeʔ they wanted nequiqueh ne'kikeʔ
Present Tense
I want ninequi ni'neki you want tinequi ti'neki s/he wants nequi 'neki
you (plural) want annequih an'nekiʔ we want tinequih ti'nekiʔ they want nequih 'nekiʔ
Future Tense
I will want ninequiz ni'nekis you will want tinequiz ti'nekis s/he will want nequiz 'nekis
you (plural) will want annequizqueh anne'kiskeʔ we will want tinequizqueh tine'kiskeʔ they will want nequizqueh ne'kiskeʔ
Imperative (Command)
(singular person) want (something) xinequi ʃi'neki (plural people) want (something) xinequican ʃine'kikan