Classical Nahuatl/Incorporation of Foreign Words

Due to the phonology of Nahuatl not covering all possible sounds in Spanish, foreign words that are incorporated into Nahuatl are made to fit Nahautl's phonology using the closest Nahuatl phoneme.

Conversion table
Spanish Sound Nahuatl Sound Reasoning
guerrero quellelo
gobernador copelnatol
medio melio medial position exception
caballo cahuallo medial position exception
doña toya one form of substitution for "ñ"
doña tona one form of substitution for "ñ"
Fabian papia F turns into a P
José Xoce normal substititution
cristiano, cruz quixtiano, coloz Nahuatl cannot start with two consonants. If a Spanish word starts with two consonants, the "r" sound in dropped.
mula mola
batan patan