The Clarinet is a superb instrument with a unique sound quality to it. Anyone can play the clarinet. The Clarinet is an ideal instrument for beginners and after a small amount of study students can usually play simple melodies with ease. If you don't read music then don't let that deter you from trying the clarinet. Many melodies can be played by ear and it is one of the instrument's virtues that as soon as you can create a sound it is well within your abilities to improvise to recorded music.

Benny Goodman was an American swing bandleader and clarinettist

If you are not sure if you would like to play this instrument, ask yourself,

  • Would I be good at an instrument that requires air?
  • Do I like the sound of the clarinet?
  • Am I ready for a challenge?

If you feel that the clarinet is the right instrument for you, go ahead and read on. This book is intended to be a guideline for the beginner, advancer, and professional clarinetist. It is not intended to be a replacement for lessons. In fact, it is recommended that you find a music instructor who can teach you the clarinet, as well as use this book for a guideline to their teachings. A professional clarinet teacher will increase the speed at which you learn and introduce you to the clarinet's techniques and repertoire.

Goals of this Book

  • To provide basic information on a clarinet
  • To provide a fingering chart for reference
  • To provide techniques of improving your playing
  • To suggest methods of upgrading your clarinet experience
  • To help understand the basics of reading music

Note from original author: This book is being written to help educate the beginner, advancer, and even the professional on good technique of the clarinet. Please do not take this as a replacement for private lessons. Do not challenge your instructor with this material, everyone teaches differently, but they should mostly follow the guidelines of this book!