CivNet put simply is a Windows version of the original civilization with multiplayer support

this being said it did contain a few new features:

King Builder This feature included, allows for the player to create a visual representation of his/her alter ego.

Map Editor As with civilization 2 a map editor was included so that the player could design their own maps, quite a useful feature, one that was lacking in the original civilization

This being said, these extra features are no compensation for the flaws built into this game:

Response time using the interface is slow.

The multiplayer feature is wrought with with lag, sometimes it can take over 5 minutes for the information about each players turn to be sent, even on a DSL connection.

The ability to play a game with simultaneous movement was a good idea, although due to the amount of lag caused by bad programming, or dodgy transmission protocol, meant a player could be attacked by the AI whilst waiting for data to be received or transmitted...

in conclusion this was a cheap effort to use an old game (civilization 1) revamp it, and attempt to pass it off as somethin entirely new. considering that Civilization II had been released at around the same time, Microprose would have been far better off enabling the already programmed multiplayer support in Civilization II and forgetting CivNet.