City Of Heroes/Task Forces

A Task Force is a series of missions given by a special contact which must be completed by a single team. No new members may be added to the team once the TF starts. People can quit, but once the team drops down to a single player, the task force is over. No contacts other than the special TF contact will give you missions or sell you inspirations. While the task force is going on, you can only do task force missions. You can log off, and then log back on later to complete the TF, as long as and your teammates don't actually quit from the TF. You must fall within the level range listed below to begin the task force, though you may outlevel it during the course of the TF. People can SK on a TF, but still must be the minimum level in order to join. People can exemplar down to join a TF. The game now sports an auto-exemplar feature, so even a group composed entirely of 50th level characters can do Positron. They will all be auto-exemplared down to 16th. Exemplared characters receive no experience points, but they do get twice the normal amount of influence. Note: villains will spawn at the highest level of the TF, without regard for the levels of the heroes in the TF. This list contains spoilers

Positron (Steel Canyon): The Rule of Three edit

  Level Range:  10-16 (Characters 16 and above get no experience points, just influence)
  Minimum Team Size:  3
  Approximate Time Required:  6 hours
  Summary:  Battle Clockwork, Vahzilok, and Circle of Thorns to thwart their efforts to damage
            the dam.

Synapse (Skyway): The Fall of the Clockwork King edit

  Level Range:  15-21 
  Minimum Team Size:  4
  Approximate Time Required:  5 hours

Sister Psyche (Independence Port): Clamor and Destruction edit

  Level Range:  20-26
  Minimum Team Size:  5
  Approximate Time Required:  5 hours
 1A. Invetigate Freakshow.(Boomtown)
 1B. Defeat gang leader and his crew (The Hollows)
  2. Take Device to a man in Talos, anyone can do this
  3. Stop Punkadelic and his crew, destroy device (Board Train)
  4. Defeat Devastation and his crew, destroy last device (Board Train)
  5. Defeat all Freaks and Soldiers (Talos)
  6. Speak to Robert Koslowski (Talos)
  7. Defeat all soldiers in base (Steel Canyon or The Hollows)
  8. Defeat all Freaks and Soldiers, save 3 workers (Steel Canyon or The Hollows)
  9. Patrol Talos
 10. Bust Freak leader and his crew (Talos)
 11. Disable the Sonic Devices (Kings Row)
 12. Disable the Second Device (Skyway)
 13. Defeat Clamor and her crew (Skyway)

Moonfire (Striga Isle): The Kheldian War edit

  Level Range:  23-28
  Minimum Team Size:  6
  Approximate Time Required:  3 hours
 * 1 - Defeat all vampyri in cave (Striga)
 * 2 - Defeat all Wolves in Cave (Striga)
 * 3 - Goto Stephenie Peebles (Striga)
 * 4 - Hunt 20 Council (Striga)
 * 5 - Find and free hostage in council base, can be breezed through with Invisiblity and Teleport (Striga)
 * 6 - Defeat all enemies, Look for Clues (one flashie) in Council Base (Striga)
 * 7 - Take Schematics to Dr. Engles (Skyway city)
 * 8 - Defeat Archon Salavatore and his men (Striga)
 * 9 - Defeat 20 Council (Striga)
 * 10 - Defeat Arakhn (Striga)
   * Arakhn has a number of annoying traits, including Instant Healing,
     which totally replenishes her life after about 2 minutes.
     So, you MUST have enough damage dealing to accommodate for this.  Additionally, she's keen on stunning those 
     adjacent to her.

Actually, if you stay out of melee range, you can avoid her AoE vampyric heal move. It has a long recharge, so then you can go beat up on her some more.

We couldn't take her out, and our attempt to complete this listing failed. Hopefully another will seize the reins and complete the guide (Wiki rocks)

  • We had more luck, beating her with 2 scrappers, an illusion / bubbler, and an emp / dark. We took out her guards, retreated, rested and buffed, then waded in. Though she kept healing (not always to full) we kept plugging. After about 5 minutes of solid thrashing she bit the dust. Everyone got an xp bonus and an SO (no badge).
  • I fought her today in a team of 7: 1 Archery/Ice Blaster, 1 Energy/Devices Blaster, 1 Ice/EM Tank, 1 Fire/Fire Tank, 1 Storm/Electricity Defender (who did not have O2 Boost at her exemplared level), and Two Peacebringers. I stealthed to her and found a nice spot at the beginning of the room to teleport everyone. The two tanks ran in and four of us summoned Shivan Shard pets. Arakhn did not last even 15 seconds. The only person with any type of heal was the Peacebringer, but was only casually healing when someone got down to the red (this wasn't often). Just as a tip, here is my #1 Rule: :::Don't start a taskforce unless you have Shivan pets.::: This Moonfire Taskforce was completed in less then 2 hours and 30 minutes on Heroic with what I think was only 3 deaths total. This is one of my favorite Task Forces. - @OoBe Kheldian

Jane Hallaway (Independence Port): Save the Terra Volta Reactor edit

  Level Range:  24-32
  Minimum Team Size:  4
  Approximate Time Required:  3 hours  
  Summary:  Sky Raiders
  * Speak to NPC - Terra Volta
  * Defeat 25 Sky Raiders - Terra Volta
  * Defeat Sgt. Clayton + men - Talos Island
  * Save reactor - Terra Volta

URBAN LEGEND: The glowies are just there for storyline flavor, they contain radiation suits and other equipment. They have nothing to do with making any of the missions harder, it's only an urban legend.

I run respec trials ALOT whether I need the respec or not. About half the time, someone will insist that the glowie-clicking will result in failure, more bosses or "max debt". It's almost pointless to argue with them. Usually it's someone who has run the trial only a couple of times and failed it.

The funny thing is that there is almost always a player on the same team that doesn't pay attention and clicks the glowies anyway... -@OoBe Kheldian

Bastion (Talos Island): Bastion's Children edit

  Level Range:  25-31
  Minimum Team Size:  6
  Approximate Time Required:  5 hours
  *1: Investigate Council base.(Defeat All)(Independence Port)
  *2: Defeat all soldiers in base. (Independence Port)
  *3: Defeat base leader & his guards.(Find evidence, 3 computers to disable) (Talos Island)
  *4: Take parts to Fareed Abdullah. (Steel Canyon) (Delivery)
  *5: Defeat base leader & his guards (Skyway City)
  *6: Defeat base leader & his guards (Talos Island)
  *7: Question Council soldiers. (Defeat 40 Council) (Independence Port seems like the best place to do this.)
  *8: Defeat all soldiers in base. (3 computer systems to disable) (Talos Island)
  *9: Defeat all soldiers in base (3 computer systems to disable) (Independence Port)
  *10: Defeat all soldiers in base (4 computer systems to disable) (Dark Astoria)
     *Bulwark (Elite Boss): This monstrosity of a Mech man was made using the same technology that powers Citadel. it is no fit legacy for the heroic android, and must be destroyed.
  *11: Part 11: Defeat Vandal and his minions. (Talos Island or Dark Astoria)
  • We did this with a team of 6: 1 Archery/Ice Blaster, 1 Ice/Fire Tank, 1 Gravity/Storm Controller, 1 Empathy/psy Defender, 1 Broadsword/Invincbility Scrapper, 1 Katana/Regen Scrapper. On the final ArchVillain, I had summoned a Shivan pet and a Warwolf pet. At around 25% health, the AV disapeared. I guess it was because I blinked, and lost sight, I don't know. The Vandal ran off into the other side of the room and gave us Agro because he had Snow Storm still on him. Just before Running off, he killed both my Shivan AND my Warwolf. How rude... It took 2 hours to 2 and 1/2 hours to complete this TF, which is about average. Minimal deaths only because Zenith Hoverbots can see through temporary power Invisibility while trying to stealth through missions.

This Task Force contact is no longer Bastion. The contact has been RE-NAMED to Citadel because he first appeared in MARVEL comic: X-Men #52 (May 1996). -@OoBe Kheldian

Manticore (Brickstown): Following Countess Crey edit

  Level Range:  30-35
  Minimum Team Size:  7
  Approximate Time Required:  5 hours

Captain James Harlan (Founder's Falls): Save the Terra Volta Reactor edit

  Level Range:  34-43
  Minimum Team Size:  4
  Approximate Time Required:  3 hours
  Summary:  Freakshow

Numina (Founder's Falls): Soul of the Woodsman edit

  Level Range:  35-38
  Minimum Team Size:  4
  Approximate Time Required:  5 hours

Woodsman (Eden) edit

  Level Range:  39-41
  Minimum Team Size:  8
  Approximate Time Required:  3 hours
  Summary:  Devoured Earth (mission descriptions to come later tonight)

Dr. Quaterfield (Fire Base Zulu): Explorers and Exploiters edit

  Level Range:  40-44
  Minimum Team Size:  8
  Approximate Time Required:  12 hours!
 1 Fight Rularuu Around Foxtrot (Firebase Zulu) Defeat 50 Soldiers of Rularuu
 2 Rescue Exploration Team (Firebase Zulu) 7 Explorers to Rescue
 3 Examine Creatures at Bravo (Firebase Zulu) Defeat 50 Soldiers of Rularuu
 4 Defeat Rularuu at X-Ray (Firebase Zulu) Defeat 50 Soldiers of Rularuu
 5 Rescue the Explorers (Firebase Zulu) 9 Explorers to Rescue
 6 Defeat Rularuu, Crey (Firebase Zulu) Defeat 25 Soldiers of Rularuu, 25 Crey
 7 Defeat Crey Leader & Guards (Firebase Zulu) 5 Explorers to Rescue
 8 Fight Crey Around Zulu (Firebase Zulu) Defeat 50 Crey
 9 Defeat Crey Base Leaders (Firebase Zulu)
10 Defeat All Crey at Base (Firebase Zulu)
11 Defeat All Crey at Base (Firebase Zulu)
12 Defeat All Crey at Base (Firebase Zulu)
13 Defeat Crey Base Leaders (Founder's Falls) Search for Clues
14 Defeat Crey Base Leaders (Brickstown) 8 Samples, Search for Clues
15 Defeat All Enemies in Base (Brickstown) Find Information, Contain Creatures
16 Defeat Negotiators (Peregrine Island) Find Information
17 Defeat All Nemesis Army in Base (Firebase Zulu) ?
18 Defeat Nemesis Base Leaders (Firebase Zulu) Find Information, ?
19 Defeat Portal Base Boss (Firebase Zulu) 2 Portal Computers
20 Defeat All Crey (Firebase Zulu) 2 Portal Computers
21 Defeat Portal Base Boss (Firebase Zulu) 4 Portal Computers
22 Defeat Portal Base Boss (Firebase Zulu) 4 Portal Computers, 2 Rularuu Portals
23 Defeat Portal Base Boss (Skyway City) 4 Portal Computers
24 Defeat all escaped Rularuu (Talos Island) 2 Rularuu Portals

A FULL TEAM CAN FINISH THIS TASK FORCE IN 6 HOURS! Having people log in to start the TF, then log off and have only 4 people solo the missions until the last mission will cut this Task Force's Approximate Time Required in half. Make sure you know everyone's @Global so you can reach them again. I suggest using the CoH Forums to find people Interested. Some people try to span this TF over two-three nights because they don't play the game 16 hours a day like some of us(*cough*) Please try to avoid doing this TF with completely retarded gamers. It is one of the longest Task Forces in the game so if you are starting with a pick-up group *EXPECT* players to unplug their internet and make it look like they lost connection. Having Teleport Self or Flight will cut down alot of time. Teleport Friend makes it even faster. I suggest not even trying this unless you can find SOMEONE with teleport friend AND teleport group, or group flight, or group energy flight. Some of the missions REQUIRE 4 players to be present at the same time to simutaniously activate Portal Computers (same time). Running from one computer to the one in the next room will NOT work. - @OoBe Kheldian

Sara Moore TF: The Legend of Ruladak edit

  Level Range:  40-50
  Minimum Team Size:  8
  Approximate Time Required:  7 hours

Summary: When Sara Moore asked for your help to find out who had been kidnapping natives, you couldn't have known that it would lead you to uncover The Legend of Ruladak. You fought the Nemesis Army troops around the Cascade Archipelago, and found that they were under order to do just that. You then rescued several natives who had been captured by the Nemesis Army, who were interrogating them to find out about a native legend about a monster called 'Ruladak'. You liberated more captives from the Nemesis Army who were also being interrogated about the myths of Ruladak, including a man called 'Old Fred' who seemed to know more than he was telling. On your return, Sara Moore told you the myth of Ruladak, about a monster that tried to force natives to worship the Rularuu after 'the madness broke the world', but was imprisoned by kindness. You next struck a Nemesis Army base, and recovered a letter to a 'General Fort' of the Nemesis army, talking about plans to awaken some sleeping power and ally with the Rularuu. You next learned that Old Fred, one of the oldest and wisest of the people in the Shadow Shard, had been kidnapped by the Circle of Thorns when he was looking for a book written by his father about Ruladak. You rescued him, and he told you that Ruladak was real! The Circle, however, had already taken the book back to Oranbega. You returned to Paragon City and recovered the book from Oranbega. It detailed a great deal of information about how Ruladak the Strong had been bound by the 'Kind One'. While the book was off being analyzed, you went off looking for another group of natives who had been kidnapped. You found that they had actually been taken by the Rularuu, who were interrogating the natives for what they knew of the Nemesis Army. The worst came to pass when you attacked a Nemesis base and found that a Nemesis Army leader named General Fort had signed a treaty with the Rularuu to free Ruladak and ally with the creature in an attempt to sieze control of the Nemesis Army. You began the battle to stop the Nemesis Army from awakening Ruladak the Strong. The Nemesis Army had already gotten to the first of the 4 seals that held Ruladak imprisoned. You secured the second seal, which could be used by trained mystics to weaken Ruladak should he awaken. You were also able to secure the third seal, which kept Ruladak from fully re-connecting with the Rularuu. You went after the last seal, only to find it missing. You then battled the Nemesis Army to find the location of the 4th seal. You recovered the seal and defeated General Fort, only to learn that Fort had been used and that Ruladak the Strong was already about to awaken. You entered deep into his lair and battled Ruladak the Strong. Sara Moore could hardly contain herself, as she had just seen mythic heroes write the end chapter of the Legend of Ruladak.

Location: Cascade Archipelago/Molepoint Charlie It will be one of 3 ports by the IP gate.

Bugs: Fanclubs once again rear their ugly head - but there's only one or two. Generally, if a mission looks ghostable, it can be. Glowies in this tf are invisible, but fortunately not inaudible - turn up your volume and locate them by sound.

Unique art: The final mission is a redress of the tunnels maps. Look closely at the walls and you can see faces carved in them.

AV: Ruladak the Strong himself. Ruladak only deals out Smashing/Lethal damage, but a lot of it, so you will need a tank to deal with him. He's accompanied by a typical mob of Rularuu with their usual psionic/toggle-dropping/generally irritating attacks. The map he's on is very dark, but don't worry, you can't stumble on him accidentally - there's a click-to-open door first.

Justin Augustine (The Chantry): The Saga of Faathim edit

  Level Range:  40-50 (44 minimum?)
  Minimum Team Size:  8
  Approximate Time Required:  4 hours

Faathim the Kind (The Chantry): The Saga of Lanaru edit

  Level Range:  44-50
  Minimum Team Size:  8, can go down to 4, but not lower unless you've beaten the Baphomet mission!
  Approximate Time Required:  7 hours [4.5 hours with excellent team]
     NOTE: You will NOT get Faathim's contact number.  Ever.  
     Missions listed below with the same number do not require returning to Faathim.
  * 1a) Defeat all Rularuu in first cave - Chantry vs. Rularuu
  * 1b) Defeat all Rularuu in second cave - Chantry vs. Rularuu
  * 1c) Defeat all Rularuu in third cave - Chantry vs. Rularuu
  * 2a) Anger: Defeat Malaise (AV) + 4 simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Nemesis and AV Praetorian
  * 2b) Malace: Defeat Mother Mayhem (AV) + 4 simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Nemesis and AV Praetorian
  * 3a) Torment: Defeat Nemesis army + 4 simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Nemesis
  * 3b) Hatred: Defeat Nemesis army (w/ Nemesis? AV) + 4 simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Nemesis 
        and Rikti
  * 4a) Fury: Defeat Rikti + 4 simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Rikti and Knives of Artemis
  * 4b) Destruction: Defeat Rikti + 4 NON-simultaneous glowys - Storm Palace vs. Rikti and Malta
  * 5a) Find Key of Destruction + Kill Boss and Company - Steel Canyon vs. Malta, Knives (few), 
        and CoT (named boss)
  * 5b) Speak with Azuria - Atlas Park
  * 5c) Find Key of Madness - Brickstown vs. Circle of Thorns
  * 5d) Speak with Azuria - Atlas Park
  * 5e) Defeat Baphomet (AV) + 4 simultaneous glowys - Train vs. Circle of Thorns
  * 6a-g) Use keys on monuments (7 different clicks) - Storm Palace
  * 6h) Defeat Lanaru the Mad (AV) - Storm Palace vs. Lanaruu and Rularuu - Very short

Major Richard Flagg (Rikti Crash Site): Save the Terra Volta Reactor edit

  Level Range:  44-50
  Minimum Team Size:  4
  Approximate Time Required:  3 hours
  Villains:  Rikti
  * Defeat 30 Rikti - Rikti Crash Site
  * Defeat all in base + Rescue scientist - Peregrine Island
  * Patrol 3 points - Rikti Crash Site
  * Defeat all in base + Seek clues (1) - Rikti Crash Site
  * Save reactor - Terra Volta