City Of Heroes/Inspirations

Inspirations temporarily boost your abilities. Each inspiration is respresented by a colored square in your inspiration tray. If you hover the mouse over an inspiration, its name will pop up. By right clicking on an inspiration, you can learn more about it. There are seven types of inspiration, and each is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The small version of each inspiration can be purchased from your contacts. Some are available immediately, and others only after you have completed some missions for that contact. Each inspiration costs 50 influence, except for Awakens, which cost 250. Inspirations can also be received from defeated enemies. Because they are dropped so frequently by defeated enemies, they are considered disposable and cannot be sold to stores. You can give an inspiration to another player by dragging it from your inspiration tray and dropping it on the other hero. Inspirations may also be traded using the trade window.

A level 1 hero can only carry four inspirations at a time. Higher level heroes can carry many more.

The seven types


Accuracy - increases your accuracy when you attack, and your perception.

  Level One: Insight:  25% bonus
  Level Two: Keen Insight:  33% bonus
  Level Three: Uncanny Insight:  50% bonus

Damage - increases the damage you inflict when you attack

  Level One: Enrage:  25% bonus
  Level Two: Focused Rage 33% Bonus
  Level Three: Righteous Rage 50% Bonus

Defense - increases your defense, making it harder for you to be hit

  Level One: Luck:  25% bonus
  Level Two: Good Luck: 33% bonus
  Level Three: Phenomenal Luck:  50% bonus

Endurance - recovers a portion of your endurance

  Level One: Catch a Breath:  regain 25% of your endurance
  Level Two: Take a Breather:  regain 33% of your endurance
  Level Three: Second Wind:  regain 50% of your endurance

Health - heals a portion of your health

  Level One: Respite:  heals 25% of your health
  Level Two: Dramatic Improvement:  heals 33% of your health
  Level Three: Resurgence:  heals 50% of your health

Resistance - frees you from all status effect attacks, and gives you resistance for a short time

  Level One:  Break Free:  Provides 30 seconds of resistance
  Level Two:  Emerge:  Provides 60 seconds of resistance
  Level Three:  Escape:  Provides 90 seconds of resistance

Resurrection - returns you to consciousness without a trip to the hospital. Has no effect on xp debt.

  Level One: Awaken: Restores 1/4 of your HP and 0 Endurance, and leaves you disoriented and
                     unable to recover endurance for 20 seconds.
  Level Two: Bounce Back
  Level Three: Restoration

Note: The game originally contained Discipline inspirations, which granted resistance to status effect attacks, but could not be used after you were held, disoriented, or mezzed. In Issue 3 (?) two new inspirations were added which protected you from different types of status effects, and which could be used while disoriented, held, or mezzed. In Issue 4, it looks like these will all be replaced with Break Free inspirations, which give resistance to all status effect attacks and which can be used while while you are held.