City Of Heroes/Binds/Travel binds

Switch from Combat Jumping to Super Jump edit

/bind yourkeyhere "powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name Super Jump"

  • I rarely use this any more as I've found that I don't often need to switch between the two.

Teleport enhancer edit

/bind lshift+lbutton "powexec_name Teleport"

  • This will allow you to chain teleports by holding down the left shift key and clicking with the mouse where you want to teleport to.

Ironik here with travel binds that I use. Hope they're helpful!

Notes: edit

  • A /bind activates the last power in the list first, so switch around to taste.
  • In order to find out the name of a power, simply mouseover the icon in your power tray. Then insert the power name you want to bind.
  • For instance, in the Hover/Fly bind below, the Kheldian powers are called "Combat Flight" and "Energy Flight."

Switch from Fly to Hover edit

/bind yourkeyhere "powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly"

  • I use the E key because it's easily accessible in combat.
  • E's default is to turn your character to the right, so if you want to preserve that ability then you'll have to bind a different key.
  • I prefer activating Fly first so I can use it as a panic button. Up, up and away!

Auto Super Jump edit

/bind yourkeyhere "++up$$++autorun$$powexec_name Super Jump"

  • I use this for hands-free Super Jumping. Useful for bounding while typing.