City Of Heroes/Badges/Exploration

Badges are separated into the zones in which they're found.

Atlas Park edit

  • Freedom

Location: On top of city hall, right next to the flag. You will need super jump, hover, flight, or similar travel power to get it.

Coordinates: 124.3 121.8 -641.1

  • Hero Corps Insider

Location: Talk to Henry Peter Wong, to the west of City Hall, towards the tram.

Coordinates: 283.2 16.2 -889.9

  • Patriot

Location: Inside of City Hall, to the left of the Super Group registration desk.

Coordinates: (Inside of building at: 128.6, 43.9, -601.5), 159.5 -767.7 -672.9

  • Silent Sentinel

Location: ~200 yards NE of Chiron Medical Center. Badge is on a building ledge at tram level.

Coordinates: -609.5, 70.0, -1889.7

  • Top Dog

Location: On top of the Atlas Globe. You will need a travel power to reach it.

Coordinates: 133.5, 314.0, -341.2

  • Undefeated

Location: Just east of the Steel Canyon entrance, on the "Earth is for Humans!" billboard.

Coordinates: 632.9, 84.9, 2322.8