City Of Heroes/Badges/Defeat

Name: Banisher
Requirements: Defeat 200 Mask Spirits
Villain Group: Banished Pantheon
Description: You are a banisher of evil spirits. The Banished Pantheon fears 
             your very name.
Comment: You can kill any of the four Spirit Masks types (Despair, Death, etc.) 
         for this badge.
Name: Keeper of Secrets
Requirements: Defeat Adamastor
Villain Group: Banished Pantheon
Description: You have defeated the demon Adamastor, brought forth by the 
             Banished Pantheon to destroy the world.
Comment: Adamastor is found in Dark Astoria.
Name: Illusionist
Requirements: Defeat 200 Summoned Illusionists
Villain Group: Carnival of Shadows
Description: You have learned enough from fighting the Illusionists of the 
             Carnival of Shadows, to know the real from the fake.
Comment: Only the summoned Illusionists (by Master Illusionists) count towards 
         this badge.
Name: Demon Slayer
Requirements: Defeat Baphomet
Villain Group: Circle of Thorns
Description: You have defeated Baphomet, an evil spirit summoned by the upper 
             echelon of the Circle of Thorns to destroy Paragon City.
Comment: Baphomet is an Arch-Villain in a portal missions and can also be found 
         in Faathim the Kind's Task Force.