Citroën Berlingo Electrique/Service Manual

This service manual is created and maintained by Berlingo Electrique users.

Vehicle production numbersEdit

The vehicle production numbering system used on the Berlingo contains a replacement part number and the manufacturing country. The number is found on the driver's door hinge pillar and the format is as follows.

<Replacement Part Number><Manufacturing Country>

For Example:


08849 = Replacement Part Number and represents the number of production days (where 330 days/year)
FV = Manufacturing Country

Service scheduleEdit

Procedure Manufacturer's
Best Practice
Cost Hours
Battery Watering Overcharge = 1000AH Overcharge = 500AH £15 @ Aug 2007 0.5 hours
Motor Brush Replacement ? 10kmiles £100 @ Aug 2007 2 hours

Technical InformationEdit

On Board Diagnostic FormatEdit

The Berlingo Electrique uses the OBD-II (

Simulation of Drive TrainEdit

A good simulation of the vehicle drive train is given at (

Fault finding and repairsEdit

Problem Summary Solution Cost
Battery cell manufacturing weakness, causing short-circuit and a steam explosion. This is only a problem for vehicles with replacement part numbers of 07945 or earlier. Replace faulty cells.
The most common problem - failure to charge. See click on Faults on External Site
Door light switch stops working. Replacement £3 (parts)
Door locks become difficult to use. Replacement
Radiator fan stops working. Replacement
Petrol heater does not work after a period of inactivity. 1) Refill with fuel
2) If fuel ok reset heater
Charges to 50% and then the Electrical Fault lamp comes on and the car cannot be charged any more. See click on Fault-finding on External Site
Cooling pump impeller is stuck. See click on Fault-finding on External Site
Charger short circuits and becomes unusable while the rest of the car works perfectly. See click on Fault-finding on External Site
The motor goes in jerks or it does not recharge in overrun. See click on Fault-finding on External Site

See also brush replacement.

Reduced range (caused by cold batteries) in winter. See click on Fault-finding on External Site
Damage to the batteries . See click on Fault-finding on External Site
Excessive noise from engine bay when stopped (vacuum pump comes on for more than about 15 sec in about 2 minutes Check vacuum hoses. If hoses are in good condition check the blue plastic cap of the vacuum regulator on the right side of the vacuum pump which is accessible from under the car near the front right wheel well. The cap splits and creates a leak. Replace with another cap that fits tightly, or repair cap with silicone caulk and let cure over night. Don't touch the regulation screw (nut) under the cap. Only after this repair consider pump replacement. replace vacuum pump. Parts = £160?Aug 2007
Labour=? hrs

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Parts SuppliesEdit

Part Description Replacement Notes
12v Aux Battery UK No: 063 Less than half the cost of Citroen's replacement.