Citroën Berlingo Electrique/Owner's Manual

This provides a place to hold owner's manual information for the Citroën Berlingo Electrique.

Ignition On ModeEdit

When the ignition is switched on no additional lights are displayed (other than the parking brake and the [Stop] light. This is unusual for a car and means that it is not easy to check the bulb status.

Driving TipsEdit

When using regenerative braking the brake lights do not illuminate. Care should be taken be taken when decelerating quickly using regenerative braking that cars following have sufficient notice, maybe by lightly touching the brakes to operate the brake lights.

The Electrical Fault LampEdit

The original manual says that the Electrical Fault Lamp

  • Comes on when a fault is detected by the ECU.
  • Contact an approved dealer as soon as possible to switch of the lamp.

The lamp may sometimes be reset by performing a complete charge.

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