Citizen Science/Communicating Citizen Science

Like all research, the value of contributions in citizen science are greatest when communicated effectively. Further, citizen science in particular stands to benefit from the opportunities and affordances of openness, both in terms of open access (broadcast) and open collaboration (feedback). Digital and network technologies, especially the web, enable many substantive opportunities to practice and communicate citizen science.

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General Science

Life Sciences

Social Sciences

Physical Sciences


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Hackteria blog & Hakcteria wiki

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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology



Citizen Social Science

Wiki list of projects

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Collaborative Reading/Annotation

Connecting with engaged people/resources for getting started edit

Post to a list on, find help from some engaged people. (see also country-specific variations)

If local, recruit from the community.

Hacker spaces (for software):

Organize/Promote through Science Hack Day. #scio14 #scicomm