Circuit Theory/Thevenin-Norton

Vth using NodeEdit

opening load, finding Vth using Node .. code

In using NodeEdit

shorting load, finding In using Node .. code

Rth or RnEdit


Finding Rth using source injection and nodeEdit

Here is the mupad/matlab code that generates the answer Rth = 6.0591 ohms.

Comparing Node with Thevenin EquivalentEdit

solving using Node .. code
solving using Thevenin equivalent

Solving the node equations yields:


Using the Thevenin equivalent (and voltage divider) to compute voltage across the 12 ohm resistor:


So they match ...

Thevenin voltage and resistance can not be computed from a node analysis of the entire circuit, but the node analysis of the entire circuit can be used to check if the thevenin equivalent produces the same numbers.