Chrono Cross/Characters and Techs

Characters and Techs


(A = Another Dimension, H = Home Dimension)

Name Innate Weapon Level 3 Tech Level 5 Tech Level 7 Tech Location
Serge White Swallow Dash&Slash (3 Stars) Luminaire (15 Stars) FlyingArrow (35 Stars) Beginning
Kid Red Dagger Pilfer (3 Stars) RedPin (15 Stars) HotShot (Enter the password -L1, Triangle, R1 and Triangle- into the machine in Lucca's house) Agree to go with her to Termina/When you get there
Leena Blue Utensils MaidenHand (3 Stars) MaidenHeart (15 Stars) MaidenFaith (Talk to H Leena's Grandma after Serge regains his body -Answer positively at at H Opasa Beach, and say "I'm Serge!" at A Dock-) Don't go with Kid
Poshul Yellow Glove K9-Ball (3 Stars) DoggyDunnit (15 Stars) Unleashed (Talk to Home Leena after Serge regains his body) Give Poshul a Heckran Bone/Unlock Leena
Mojo/y (Lucky Dan) Black Glove VoodooDance (3 Stars) Cartwheel (19 Stars) HoodooGooroo (Talk to the fisherman in H, then go back to the Another location, and examine the cats in order: Staring, Electric and Licking) Get the Shark Tooth from the fisherman in H and show it to him in A after fighting Karsh. Mojo will join after
Guile Black Rod WandaIn (3 Stars) WandaSwords (15 Stars) LightninRod (35 Stars) Witness the event at Viper statue (same as Nikki & Pierre) then talk to Guile (You can't talk to Nikki's manager or Pierre)
Nikki Blue Pick GrandFinale (3 Stars) ChillOut (19 Stars) LimeLight (Bring A Nikki to H Nikki) Talk to Nikki's manager. Go to the Shadow Forest and save Nikki from the monsters
Pierre Blue Sword MedalSome (3 Stars) FoiledAgain (15 Stars) CyrusPunch (Show Pierre the Prop Sword) Show Pierre the Hero Medal
Korcha Blue Fishing Lure Headbutt (3 Stars) Hook&Sinker (15 Stars) BigCatch (Examine the tank in Termina with Korcha, talk to the man, and go down and talk to the Mermaid) Do the Hydra quest. Joins after Glenn talks about Fort Dragonia
Macha Red Utensils BottomsUp (3 Stars) Folding (15 Stars) DirtyDishes (35 Stars) Say you can't save Kid. Joins after Glenn talks about Fort Dragonia
NeoFio Green Glove PopPopPop (3 Stars) SlurpSlurp (15 Stars) BamBamBam (Talk to the octopus on H Sky Dragon Isle, leave the screen, come back, and choose to help the butterfly) Get the Green Tinkler from the Dwarf in the Guldovian Bar after choosing whether to save Kid, then go to A Hydra Marshes and use it on the plants that you use to walk on. Get the Sparkle of Life in the deep recesses of the Marshes, and bring it to the balcony where Kid gets stabbed, and use it on the flower in the pond
Razzly Green Rod RazStar (3 Stars) RazHeart (15 Stars) Raz-Flower (Don't use her in Hydra quest, and use her in Ice Breath quest) Go up in the Marshes and fight the bug. Go on until the ground breaks, and you'll fall on a squid. Examine Razzly, and the squid attacks. She joins afterwards
Greco Red Glove Clothesline (3 Stars) Flip-Flop (19 Stars) GraveDigger (Talk with the woman in his home in H Termina) Talk to him after the Mansion sequence
Glenn Green Sword Dash&Gash (3 Stars) SonicSword (19 Stars) Dive&Drive (35 Stars) Choose not to save Kid, and Glenn will join when you leave Termina
Luccia Black Shot Pin-UpGirl (3 Stars) Mix&Match (19 Stars) TestAmeba (Take Luccia to the kitchen, and go into the grate. Examine the blob) Talk to her after Kid is wounded
Pip White Glove Pounce (8 Stars) Soothe (15 Stars) (Level 7 Tech and his transformations are too complicated to fit here) Unlock Pip's cage in Luccia's lab, and find him on the S.S. Invincible (-Can be found again as Lynx in A World on S.S. Invincible-)
Mel Yellow Boomerang Snatch (3 Stars) Doodle (19 Stars) Tantrum (40 Stars) Talk to her after you leave for Fort Dragonia with Kid
Doc White Shot HighFive (3 Stars) Gnarly (19 Stars) HangTen (Show Doc the Medical Book from the Dead Sea) Don't help Kid, and he automatically joins later
Draggy Red Glove CoughDrop (3 Stars) CoughMix (19 Stars) BigBreath (Bring Draggy to the big skull in A Fossil Valley) Take the Egg from the Dodo nest, and bring it to A Fort Dragonia. Put it in one of the incubators, and Draggy is hatched
Lynx Black Swallow GlideHook (3 Stars) FeralCats (15 Stars) ForeverZero (35 Stars) Automatic
Harle Black Shot MoonBeam (3 Stars) MoonShine (19 Stars) Lunairetic (25 Stars) Joins soon after you become Lynx
Sprigg Green Staff N/A DoppelGang (Default) N/A Joins soon after you become Lynx
Radius Green Staff LongShot (3 Stars) QuickDraw (15 Stars) VitalEnergy (35 Stars) Joins after you fight him as Lynx
Funguy Yellow Axe/Hammer Lumberjack (3 Stars) SporeCloud (15 Stars) Myconoids (When you turn back to Serge, bring him to his cave, and have him eat a mushroom) Beat a Headless blocking a cave in H Sewers, and a man will give you a mushroom. Give a man in a cave it in exchange for his treasure, and he turns into a mushroom man and joins
Zappa Red Axe/Hammer HammerBlow (3 Stars) HammerThrow (19 Stars) BallsOfIron (40 Stars) Keep speaking with him until he joins
Van Green Boomerang JumpThrow (3 Stars) WetPaint (15 Stars) PiggyBank (35 Stars) Back up Van's story, and he will eventually join you
Norris Yellow Gun SpiralRay (3 Stars) SunShower (15 Stars) TopShot (Take H Norris to A Norris) Joins in Viper Manor (H)
Starky White Gun StarLight (3 Stars) StarBurst (19 Stars) StarStruck (Search his ship again after getting the anti-grav device) Find the Star Fragment in his UFO at El Nido Triangle, and take it to White Dragon Isle. Open the chest and MegaStarky attacks
Janice Red Carrot BeatIt (3 Stars) 24Carrots (19 Stars) What'sUpDoc (Have Janice talk to the land octopus in the Bend of Time) Beat her three times in the Grand Slam on the S.S. Zelbess
Sneff Yellow Shot BigDeal (3 Stars) HPShuffle (15 Stars) SwordTrick (35 Stars) When you beat the Sage, talk to Sneff at the Casino, and then Backstage
Irenes Blue Pick WaterBreath (3 Stars) MerMelody (19 Stars) SirenSong (Can only do this if you watched Nikki's concert. Once you get Serge back, bring Irenes to H Marbule, talk to the witch doctor in the first hut twice) Turn into a cat and go across the rope on the crow's nest to Nikki's boat, and witness the scene between Nikki and Irenes. Beat the Sage, and then return to the dressing room and talk to her
Miki Red Glove HeadBopper (3 Stars) SexyWink (15 Stars) DanceOnAir (35 Stars) After beating all of the Lagoonates, go immediately to the restaurant on the S.S. Zelbess, and talk to her
Karsh Green Axe/Hammer DragonRider (3 Stars) AxialAxe (19 Stars) Axiomatic (Get after fighting Solt & Peppor on the Isle of the Damned) Go into Termina Bar in Another, and a woman will tell you to come into the door by the bar. Go inside, past Guile, into a hidden door. Karsh and Zoah will be there, and eventually, you'll have to choose which one you want to come with you. If you choose Karsh, Zoah will join later
ZOAH Yellow Glove DragonRider (3 Stars) Gyronimo (15 Stars) Toss&Spike (Put Zoah in the front of your party, and have him open the chest in his room) Go into Termina Bar in Another, and a woman will tell you to come into the door by the bar. Go inside, past Guile, into a hidden door. Karsh and Zoah will be there, and eventually, you'll have to choose which one you want to come with you. If you choose Zoah, Karsh will join later