Chronicles of Narnia/Introduction

Welcome to the Chronicles of Narnia, a collaborative effort towards providing an extensive guidebook to the Narnia series. This book is under development at Wikibooks, a site providing a collection of open-content textbooks. Anyone can edit this book, and all who are interested in helping out the project are encouraged to be bold and dive right in to make this one of the most useful books on Narnia anywhere.

What This Book Will Cover


This book wishes to provide in-depth analysis and specific detailing of all things in the Harry Potter series. Readers should be able to learn more about the characters, places, and events than what is merely present in the books. Critical commentary on each chapter, character, place, and event is provided in an effort to help the reader better understand detailed content and realize possible underlying connections to a greater storyline.

This book is meant to cover only the actual series, the seven books that make up the actual story. This book will explicitly not cover the Narnia BBC TV productions, feature films, video games, fan fiction, or other authorized or unauthorized works in the same fiction universe.

Where To Start


This book is built to handle several different levels of readers of the Narnia series. Therefore, the book has several pages available that detail suggested reading guides for specific levels of reading:

  • Beginner - Readers who are new to the Chronicles of Narnia in general. This page should be used by readers who have read only a small amount of the Narnia books or are just interested in a general overview of the storyline and biographical information.
  • Intermediate - Readers who have read most of the Chronicles of Narnia and are clued in to many of the principal characters and places. Analysis for characters, places, and events and detailed summaries of the books.
  • Advanced - Readers who have read all of the series and are looking to develop detailed knowledge of much of the books' content and realize the greater picture. A slight step up from the intermediate level, almost every topic in the book is covered, providing a comprehensive view of the series.