Christian Hymns/The Only Son from Heaven

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Text edit

  • Author: Elizabeth Cruciger
  • Translator: Arthur T. Russell, alt.
  • Source: Psalms and Hymns

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Hymn Tune(s):

  • Herr Christ Der Einig Gotts Sohn

Lyrics edit

The only Son from heaven,

Foretold by ancient seers,

By God, the Father, given,

In human shape appears;

No sphere His light confining,

No star so brightly shining

As He, our Morning Star.

O time of God appointed,

O bright and holy morn!

He come the King anointed,

The Christ, the virgin-born;

His home on earth He maketh,

And man of heav’n partaketh,

Of life again an heir.

O Lord, our hearts awaken,

To know and love Thee more,

In faith to stand unshaken,

In Spirit to adore,

That we still heav’n-ward hasting,

Yet here Thy joy foretasting,

May reap its fullness there.