Christian Hymns/Rejoice, Rejoice Believers

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  • Author: Lautentius Laurenti
  • Translator: Sarah Findlater, alt.
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Hymn Tune(s):

  • Greenland
  • Haf Trones Lampa Färdig
  • Lancashire
  • Llangloffan
  • St. Theodulph

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Rejoice, rejoice, believers!

And let your lights appear;

The evening is advancing,

And darker night is near.

The Bridegroom is arising,

And soon he will draw nigh;

Up! pray, and watch, and wrestle!

At midnight comes the cry.

See that your lamps are burning;

Replenish them with oil;

Look now for your salvation,

The end of sin and toil.

The watchers on the mountain

Proclaim the Bridegroom near,

Go meet him as he cometh,

With alleluias clear.

O wise and holy virgins,

Now raise your voices higher,

Till in your jubilations

Ye meet the angel choir.

The marriage-feast is waiting,

The gates wide open stand;

Up, up, ye heirs of glory!

The Bridegroom is at hand.

Our hope and expectation,

O Jesus, now appear;

Arise, thou Sun so longed for,

O'er this benighted sphere!

With hearts and hands uplifted,

We plead, O Lord, to see

The day of earth's redemption,

And ever be with thee! Amen.