Christian Hymns/Arise, The Kingdom Is at Hand

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Text edit

  • Author: Johann von Rist
  • Translator: Catherine Winkworth
  • Source: Chorale Book for England

Music edit

Hymn Tune(s):

  • Christmas
  • Ellacombe

Lyrics edit

Arise, the kingdom is at hand,

The king is drawing nigh;

Arise with joy, ye faithful band,

To greet the Lord most High!

Ye Christians, hasten forth,

With holy ardours greet your King,

And glad Hosannas to Him sing,

Nought else your love is worth.

Look up, ye drooping hearts, to-day!

The King is very near,

Oh cast your griefs and fears away,

For lo! your Help is here;

And comfort rich and sweet

In many a place for us is stored,

Where in His sacraments and word

Our Saviour we can meet.

Look up, ye souls weigh'd down with care!

The Sovereign is not far;

Look up, faint heart, from your despair,

Behold the Morning Star!

The Lord is with us now,

Who shall the sinking spirit feed

With strength and comfort at its need,

To whom e'en Death shall bow.

Hope, O ye broken hearts, at last!

The King comes on in might,

He loved us in the ages past

When we sat wrapp'd in night;

Now are our sorrows o'er,

And fear and wrath to joy give place,

Since God hath made us in His grace

His children evermore.

O rich the gifts Thou bringest us,

Thyself made poor and weak;

O love beyond compare that thus

Can foes and sinners seek!

For this to Thee alone

We raise on high a gladsome voice,

And evermore with thanks rejoice

Before Thy glorious throne.