Christian Hymns/A Thrilling Voice By Jordan Rings

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Text edit

  • Author: Ambrose of Milan
  • Translator: John Mason Neale
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Hymn Tune(s):

  • Freuen Wir Uns All In Ein
  • Merton
  • Rathbun

Lyrics edit

A thrilling voice by Jordan rings,

rebuking guilt and darksome things:

vain dreams of sin and visions fly;

Christ in His might shines forth on high.

Now let each torpid soul arise,

that sunk in guilt and wounded lies;

see! the new Star's refulgent ray

shall chase disease and sin away.

The Lamb descends from heaven above

to pardon sin with freest love:

for such indulgent mercy shewn

with tearful joy our thanks we own.

That when again He shines revealed,

and trembling worlds to terror yield.

He give not sin its just reward,

but in His love protect and guard.

To the most high Parent glory be

and to the Son be victory,

and to the Spirit praise is owed

from age to age eternally. Amen.