Choosing The Right File Format/Vector 3D

3D vector format


Three-dimensional vector files can be divided into two groups in the same way as 2D file formats. Programmes for producing 3D files include AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3DStudioMax, Rhino etc. The main openly published standard format is VRML ( Virtual Reality Markup Language ). Another widely used format is DXF which is touted by AutoDesk (the makers of AutoCAD) as the transportable file format for 3D drawings. The DXF format, as implemented by AutoCAD is not an ideal solution as outlined in Why Isn't DXF Good Enough? by the Open Design Alliance. It is however a well supported format by many programmes and is widely used to transport files from one programme to another.


  • Do not use vector graphics to store important information unless unavoidable.
  • Keep original files on CD with copies in VRML and/or DXF format. Keep paper copies.