Chinese Tractor Maintenance/Modified Cooling System

This page contains information on the modifications that Chinese tractor owners have made to their tractors to improve the cooling system.

This page is part of the Chinese Tractor Maintenance book. Go to the Chinese_Tractor_Maintenance book.

Radiator Screen edit

On some Chinese tractors the radiator screen that is supposed to protect the radiator fins has holes that are too large, allowing small debri to fill the radiator fins.

  • Several tractor owners have replaced their screens with inexpensive cardboard framed furnace filters. Buy a filter that is larger than the original screen and cut it to size to fit inside the metal screen rails. These filters are easier to replace then try to clean when they get dirty. They can be removed and reinstall 2 or 3 times before they begin to deteriorate.
  • Another option is to buy a stiffer and hardier furnace filter that is biodegradable. It is moister resistance and be clean and resinstalled more than 3 times before deterioration.
  • You can keep your original screen a wrap it with aluminum window screen that can be obtained at hardware store. This has the advantage of keepin the original screen to protect the radiator from being damaged by objects, etc.

Regardless of the method used to reduce the size of debri entering the raditor fins, it is still necessory from time to time to remove dust from the radiator fins.

Thermostat edit

The thermostat need not be adjusted but just going to the supplier for a new one.