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Chinese Medicinal Formulas/Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

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The formula for Liu Wei Di Huang Wan was first published in Xiao'er Yaozheng Zhijue (Key to Theurapeutics of Children's Diseases). The herbs in the formula were typically made into fine powder and mixed with honey to make boluses. The formula nourishes yin and invigorates the kidney.


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan has the following herbal ingredients:

  1. Shudihuang - 24g,
  2. Shanzhuyu - 12g,
  3. Shanyao - 12g,
  4. Zexie - 9g,
  5. Mudanpi - 9g,
  6. Fuling - 9g.


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan has been used to treat chronic nephritis, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, central retinitis, anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding and menopausal syndromes.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan may be modified slightly to form its derivatives, including:

  1. Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan: To clear heat, add Zhimu and Huangbai
  2. Qi Ju Di Huang Wan: To treat deficiency of liver-yin and blurring of vision, add Gouqizi and Juhua
  3. Mai Wei Di Huang Wan: To treat deficiency of lung-yin and cough and dyspnea, add Maimendong and Wuweizi