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Chinese Medicinal Formulas/Huqian Wan

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This formula was first published in Danxi Xinfa (Danxi's Experiential Therapy). Its Chinese name (虎潜丸, pinyin: hǔ qián wán) literally means "Tiger Dive Pill". The herbs in this formula were typically ground into powder and made into boluses with honey for oral application.


The ingredients of Xiao Chaihu Tang are:

  1. Huangbai - 150g
  2. Zhiguiban - 120g
  3. Chaozhimu - 60g
  4. Shudihuang - 60g
  5. Chenpi - 60g

This formula was used for tuberculosis of the knee joint, myodystrophy, perpheral palsy, poliomyelitis sequel, and flaccidity of the lower limbs.