Chinese History

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Chinese History

This book will focus extensively on the history of China, the transformation of government and development of cultures in China, and the influences on other places by China. It requires a great deal of reading and researching, but feel free to contribute if you have knowledge on Chinese history and are fluent in English!

Brief IntroductionEdit

The History in Chronological OrderEdit

Chart showing divisions of Chinese History.

Prehistoric ChinaEdit

1.1 Paleolithic sites

1.2 Neolithic cultures

1.3 Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors

Ancient ChinaEdit

2.1 Xia Dynasty 夏朝(约前2070~前1600  )是中国史书中记载的第一个世袭制朝代。 一般认为夏朝共传14代,17后 (夏统治者在位称"后",去世后称"帝"),延续约471年 ,为商朝所灭。后人常以"华夏"自称,使之成为中国的代名词 。

2.2 Shang Dynasty

2.3 Zhou Dynasty

2.3.1 Western Zhou
2.3.2 Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Warring States

Imperial ChinaEdit

3.1 Qin Dynasty (前221年~前207年)是由战国时期的秦国发展起来的中国历史上第一个大一统王朝,秦人的祖先大费是黄帝之孙颛顼的后裔,舜赐其嬴姓。秦穆公时,任贤使能,虚心纳谏,灭国十二,开地千里,国力日盛。前361年,秦孝公继位,重用商鞅两次变法,使秦国的经济得到发展,军队战斗力不断加强,发展成为战国后期最富强的诸侯国。

3.2 Han Dynasty

3.2.1 Western Han
3.2.2 Xin
3.2.3 Eastern Han

3.3 Three Kingdoms

3.4 Jin Dynasty

3.4.1 Western Jin
3.4.2 Eastern Jin

3.5 Sixteen Kingdoms

3.6 Northern and Southern Dynasties

3.7 Sui Dynasty

3.8 Tang Dynasty

3.9 Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms

3.10 Song Dynasty, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia

3.10.1 Northern Song
3.10.2 Southern Song
3.10.3 Liao
3.10.4 Western Liao
3.10.5 Western Xia
3.10.6 Jin

3.11 Yuan Dynasty

3.12 Ming Dynasty

3.13 Qing Dynasty

3.13.1 Late Qing Wars and Reforms

The Republic of ChinaEdit

4.1 Xinhai Revolution

4.2 Beiyang Government

4.2.1 Warlord Era
4.2.2 Northern Expedition

4.3 Nationalist Government

4.3.1 First Chinese Civil War
4.3.2 The Second Sino-Japanese War
4.3.3 Second Chinese Civil War

4.4 Taiwan

4.4.1 Authoritarianism Period
4.4.2 Democratic Transformation

Communist ChinaEdit

5.1 The Rise of The Chinese Communist Party

5.2 People's Republic of China

5.2.1 Mao Era
5.2.2 Deng Era
5.2.3 Jiang Era
5.2.4 Hu Era
5.2.5 Xi Era

The History from Different PerspectivesEdit


6.1 Philosophy

6.2 Religion

6.3 Music and Arts

6.4 Architecture


7.1 Four Great Inventions

7.2 Scientific Revolutions

7.3 Mathematics


8.1 Historical Documents

8.2 Poetry, Ci, and Qu

8.3 Classical Works


9.1 Imperial Economy

9.2 Trade

9.3 Modern Economy

Government and ReformsEdit

10.1 Centralized Monarchy

10.2 Authoritarian Regime

10.3 Reforms


11.1 Geography


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