Chinese (Mandarin)/Planning/Standard Lesson Format

Standard Lesson Outline/FormatEdit

I think this was provided by Everlong.

  • Dialogue in Chinese characters - *both* traditional and simplified
  • New vocabulary, with contextual examples
  • Supplementary vocabulary. Several words relevant to the lesson’s text, not necessary at that point, but made available for further exploration.
  • Grammar notes provide complete explanations of new grammar patterns and points of syntax. Sentences follow showing contextual use of the patterns.
  • Phrases and Sentences. Additional examples provide even more practice and reference for study.
  • Dialogue in pinyin Romanization.
  • English translation of Dialogue.
  • Reading comprehension. Like the Phrases and Sentences sections, these readings provide a further review and use of past grammar and vocabulary.

  • Individual Exercises, meant to test and reinforce understanding of the lesson material. Should be done in a combination of pinyin and characters to stress proper tones as well as character learning.
  • Stroke order and character practice sheets. (Outside links to Flash-based stroke order pages provided.)
  • Partner/Group Exercises, activities and prompts for small groups to dynamically participate in conversations, improving speaking and listening comprehension skills.

  • Lesson Test, sample tests covering listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and stroke order.
  • Vocabulary Quiz, sample quizzes testing new vocabulary.