Chinese (Mandarin)/Lesson 1/Stroke Order

This page shows the stroke orders to write the characters introduced in Chinese (Mandarin)/Lesson 1. Click on an image to see the full-sized image. Red links are replaced with images as soon as they are made available. All images are from the Stroke Order Project on Wikimedia Commons.

The leftmost column gives the number of the character according to the lesson's vocabulary section. The letters by some numbers indicate extra notes:

- "s" and "t" refer to simplified and traditional ways of writing the same character.
- "f" refers to the feminine equivalent of the same word.
- "a" and "b" refer to parts of multi-character words and phrases.
M4RC0 Yug Wikic
1 7 strokes
1tf 8 strokes File:妳-red.png File:妳-order.gif
2 6 strokes
3s 5 strokes
3t 10 strokes File:們-bw.png File:們-red.png
5 7 strokes
7 5 strokes
8 6 strokes File:她-red.png
11 5 strokes File:叫-red.png
12a 4 strokes
12b 3 strokes File:么-red.png
12tb 14 strokes File:麽-bw.png File:麽-red.png
13a 6 strokes
13b 6 strokes File:字-red.png
14 9 strokes
15s 10 strokes File:谁-red.png File:谁-order.gif
15t 15 strokes File:誰-bw.png File:誰-red.png File:誰-order.gif
16s 8 strokes
16t 11 strokes File:國-red.png
17 2 strokes
18 3 strokes
19s 6 strokes
19t 12 strokes File:嗎-bw.png File:嗎-red.png File:嗎-order.gif
20 8 strokes File:呢-red.png File:呢-order.gif
21 10 strokes File:哪-order.gif
22 4 strokes
M4RC0 Yug Wikic
1a 8 strokes
1b 8 strokes File:妮-bw.png File:妮-red.png File:妮-order.gif
2as 9 strokes File:欧-red.png File:欧-order.gif
2at 5 strokes File:歐-bw.png File:歐-red.png File:歐-order.gif
2b 4 strokes
3a 5 strokes File:艾-bw.png File:艾-red.png File:艾-order.gif
3b 9 strokes File:美-red.png
4as 5 strokes File:东-red.png File:东-order.gif
4at 8 strokes File:東-red.png
4b 5 strokes File:尼-bw.png File:尼-red.png
5a 4 strokes
7a 9 strokes File:英-red.png File:英-order.gif
8a 8 strokes File:法-red.png