Key edit

Lexical Indications edit

  • [A]: Set A verb.
    • [A-ga]: Set A verb that takes ga- instead of a- for the third person singular subject.
  • A-: Set A noun, a lexical feature commonly used to denote humans. The entry is a noun, listed as its root, with "A-" preceding to indicate that a Set A pronominal prefix always precedes the root. Coincidentally, the 3rd person singular (he/she/it) Set A prefix (for such nouns) is a-. (Thus I thought it was ingenious to use the notation "A-".)
  • [B]: Set B verb.
  • [D]: Verb takes the distributive prefix lexically. For the PRC, INC, and CMP stems, the form deex́- or its variants are used. For DVN, di- or its variants are used. For IMM, deex́- is used for past and future tenses; for commands di- is used instead.
  • [INC, IMM, CMP, DVN]: For verbs, the 4 stems in addition to the present continuous (PRC) stem used as citation form, namely the incompletive, immediate, completive, and deverbal noun stems.
  • s.o.: Someone (animate object).
  • Something (inanimate object).

Parts of Speech edit

  • adj.: Adjective.
  • vi.: Intransitive verb.
  • vt.: Transitive verb.
  • n.: Noun.

Floating Tones and Length edit

  • -x́: Previous syllable takes high tone. (<x> is a placeholder.)
  • x́-: Following syllable takes high tone.
  • -xx: Previous syllable gets lengthened.

Miscellaneous edit

  • NA: Not applicable.

Dictionary edit

A edit

  • -alisdáayvvhvsg- [-alisdáayvvhvsg-, -alisdàyvvhvga, -alisdáayvvhn-, -alisdàyvhd-]: vi. [A] eat a meal

Ch edit

  • A-chũja ᎠᏧᏣ: n. boy

D edit

  • doosvv́dáqli ᏙᏒᏓᎵ: n. ant
    • possibly derived noun

E edit

  • eeloóhi ᎡᎶᎯ: n. Earth, world

G edit

  • gaáda ᎦᏓ: n. (1) soil, dirt; (2) land
  • gansda ᎦᎾᏍᏓ: n. stick
  • ganvvnoowa ᎦᏅᏃᏩ: n. pipe
  • -gíqa [-gíisg-, -ga, -g-, -gísd-]: vt. eat (neutral/solid object)
  • guule ᎫᎴ: n. acorn

H edit

  • -ha [-h-, -héésti, -h-, NA]: vt. [B] have (neutral/solid object)
    • 3SG exceptional form: uúha (tone unexpected)

I edit

J edit

  • -xxjayoohíha [-xxjayoohih-, -xxjayoóha, -xxjayoohl-, -xxjayoost-]: vt. [A-ga] (1) prick; (2) give s.o. an injection
    • IMM stem ends in -yoóha for inanimate object but -yoqa for animate object. H/Q alternation expected, tone/length change probably linked thereto.
  • joólani ᏦᎳᏂ: n. window

K edit

  • kamaama ᎧᎹᎹ: n. (1) butterfly; (2) elephant

L edit

  • -loónéqa [-loónéesg-, -loóna, -loónéq-, -loónéed-]: vt. [A-ga] oil
  • -lvv́gwóhdi [-lvv́gwóhd-, -lvvgwohda, -lvv́gwóhd-, -lvv́gwóhdohd-]: vt. [B] like
  • [D]-lvv́hwísdàneha [-lvv́hwísdàneeh-, see note, lvv́hwísdàneel-, lvv́hwísdànehd-]: vi. [B] work
    • CED cites IMM (with distributive prefix, in command form) as diijálv́v́hwiisdàsi. This is the only IMM stem in any dictionary cited with a long vowel in the di- prefix, i.e. dii-. Should be elicited to confirm.

N edit

  • nokwsi ᏃᏈᏏ: n. star
  • nuúna ᏄᎾ: n. potato
  • nvvwóoti ᏅᏬᏘ: n. medicine

O edit

  • -oolihga [-oolihg-, -ooligi, -oolihj-, -oolihísd-]: vt. [A-ga] (1) understand; (2) recognize s.o.

Q edit

  • -x́qluhga [-x́qluhg-, -qluhgi, -qlúhj-, -qlúhísd-]: vi. [A-ga] arrive

S edit

  • seélu ᏎᎷ: n. corn

T edit

  • tuúya ᏚᏯ: n. bean

U edit

  • uuwáqni ᎤᏩᏂ: n. wool

V edit

  • vvdali ᎥᏓᎵ: n. pond, lake

W edit

  • weésa ᏪᏌ: n. cat

Y edit

  • -xxyeewisga [-xxyeewisg-, -xxyeéwa, -xxyeewis-, -xxyeewist-]: vt. [A-ga] sew