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Талламанболх 1
Practice Quiz 1

It's time now to test what you have learned in the past 3 lessons and alphabet. This exam will test your knowledge in the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. If you have scored at least more than a 70%, then you should be safe in moving on to the next lessons. If not, you should go back and review the past few lessons and work on the topics that stumped you the most. Good luck, аьтто хийла!

Part I: Language and Alphabet - these questions will test your ability to pick up on the Chechen alphabet.

1 How would you transliterate So khuzakh 'ash vu in Cyrillic?

Хьан цIе хIун ю?
Нохчийн мотт чIогIа хаза бу.
Со кхузахь Iаш ву.
Со хIийнца АшгIабат-гIалахь ву.

2 What sound in English does the Chechen letter, Аь, closely resemble?

"A" as in "apple"
"A" as in "fade"
"O" as in "pond"
"Ab" as in "abstract"

3 What other two letters in Chechen when combined can make the same sound as the letter Я?


4 What would the word, Чудигар, transliterate to in English?


5 What language category does Chechen fall under?

Indo-European, Germanic, North Germanic
Indo-European, Caucasian, Nakh
Caucasian, North Caucasian, Nakh
Semetic, Arabic, Caucasian

Part II: Vocabulary - answer these questions to the best of your ability. Questions that are entirely in Chechen should be responded with the most logical answer or response.

6 Хьо мичахь Iаш ву?

Сан цIе Магомед ю
Со Грозный-ГIалахь Iаш ву
Дика ду, баркалла
ХIaъ, Iаш ву

7 What does "йиша" mean in English?


Chechen Содержани | Чудигар | Нохчийн абат | 01 | 02 | 03 | Талламанболх 1 | 04 | Хаархаттар