Celestia/Wish List

This page is obsolete. See the page Bugs and Feature Requests.

Wish List items are very unlikely to be implemented if they aren't on the SourceForge list. If you are interested in any of the features listed below, you must take the responsibility of making sure they're requested on SourceForge.

  1. Make a game based on Celestia... Mostly Harmless project stalled... Star Control! The next version of Star Control!
  2. Someone make an editor that allows us to tweak Celestia more easily and make worlds of our own. I'm a real lazy pig and all the .ssc generators I've checked out so far don't do a real good job.
  3. I have some worldwind cache-packs (folder with 50/200/800/3200/12800 little pictures). renaming to celestia-style should be no problem. but celestia starts 2x1x512pixel - and worldwind begins 10x5x512.
  4. Merging the goodness of World Wind, Celestia and Google Earth together!
  5. Make a recopilation of high resolution add-ons in a single pack, with most realistic data from official databases periodically updated. An auto-update could be great in order to manage the downloads of a large pack. Or it could be shared in a P2P network. Make a real 3D universe is now possible!
  6. Why not space agencies improve more this great project?
  7. Let Celestia include Google Earth and automatically run it when it detects the user wanting to zoom in on Earth (maybe bad idea)...
  8. Better promotion of this great and spectacular program (better promotion = biggest community = more developers = faster development of Celestia)
  9. cooperation with space agencies and another scientific institutions (universities, observatories etc.)
  10. Better main website (more screen shots, promo video, news about future versions, info from this with pictures + +, info about Celestia Wiki) and maybe new address
  11. Maybe (in far future) some spectacular computer benchmark based on Celestia (if Celestia engine needs more developers it's a good "bait" ;)
  12. Basic version with better textures and models (and version for "low end" computers)
  13. More configurations options in user interface
  14. HDR Rendering as soon as possible and more graphic options for modern GPUs

  1. I believe that an educational web-based interactive game/simulator would really be beneficial. I am a software engineer who would be interested in such a collaboration. prosetto@msn.com