Celestia/Development/Win32 platform/Tortoise CVS

This page is obsolete. Celestia code development now uses Subversion (SVN). CVS no longer works. For details of building Celestia under Windows, please read the page Windows XP 32bit & Windows 7, 64bit

Acquiring Celestia CVS with TortoiseCVS (by Wcomer)

Celestia no longer uses CVS. Use ToroiseSVN instead.

  1. Download the latest version here: (1-2 min, 3.7 MB) http://www.tortoisecvs.org/download.shtml
  2. Follow the TortoiseCVS installation instructions. Note – you may be asked to reboot your machine but in my experience this wasn’t necessary.
  3. Create a new folder on your hard drive. Mine is called “C:\TortoiseCVS”. This will be your CVS repository
  4. Right-click your CVS repository folder and select “CVS Checkout”. If you do not see this option, then you must reboot your machine and try again.
  5. Enter “:pserver:anonymous@celestia.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/celestia” as your CVSROOT. This should cause several other fields to fill in:
    1. Protocol - “Password server (:pserver:)”;
    2. Server – “celestia.cvs.sourceforge.net”;
    3. Repository folder – “/cvsroot/celestia”;
    4. User name – “anonymous”.
  6. Enter “celestia” as your Module.
  7. Press OK. Now the CVS client will attempt to download the Celestia source code. Expect the download time to be about 20 minutes mostly because the CVS server is a bit slow. If it is successful then there will be a subfolder called “celestia” within your CVS repository which will contain the current Celestia CVS archive.
    1. The checkout process may timeout, especially if you started it during a time of heavy traffic (that's late in the evening if accessing from Europe). You can continue the checkout at any time. Tortoise will restart with the incompletely checked out directory.
    2. If you normally use a dialup modem, you may safely do the initial checkout at an external broadband access and then copy the complete CVS directory to your local computer. Tortoise marks all CVS directories and will recognize the copied one instantly. Subsequent checkouts are usually only some dozen kB in size, and can be easily accessed from a dialup line.

Also, download the Windows-specific shared libraries that aren't included with Celestia on SourcForge. The libraries for use with Visual Studio 2003 are at http://shatters.net/celestia/files/winlibs-new.zip Unzip these files and put them in a directory with the other library files.