Castles of England/Wiltshire

There are five castles in Wiltshire.

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Notes (Key)
Devizes Castle Neo-romantic castle 1919th century Intact Private apartments Present building begun 1842 on site of important medieval castle.
Longford Castle Sham castle 15911591 Intact Earl of Radnor Remodelled 18th century.
Ludgershall Castle Ringwork 100111–13th century Fragmentary remains EH Remains of a tower and extensive earthworks.
Old Sarum Castle Motte and bailey 100111–13th century Fragmentary remains EH On site of Iron Age hill fort.
Old Wardour Castle Castle 1393c.1393 Ruins EH Remodelled 16–17th centuries, superseded by Palladian building known as New Wardour Castle.