Castles of England/Staffordshire

There are eight castles in Staffordshire.

Image Ownership
/ Access
Alton Castle Castle 110112–13th century Fragmentary remains Youth centre Cliff-top position, site partly occupied by 19th century building.
Caverswall Castle Enclosure castle 1275c.1275 Substantially intact Private Moated, 17th century mansion built within walls which, along with towers, do not stand to full height.
Chartley Castle Motte and bailey 100111–13th century Fragmentary remains Private Altered in 13th century to form enclosure castle, abandoned by 1485.
Eccleshall Castle Castle 130114th century Fragmentary remains Private Remains partly incorporated into house of c.1695, rebuilt 19th century.
Stafford Castle Motte and bailey 100111–12th century Earthworks HC / Stafford Borough Council Medieval keep partly rebuilt 19th century, then partly demolished.
Stourton Castle Castle 130114–15th century Fragment Private Remains incorporated in later buildings.
Tamworth Castle Shell keep 100111–13th century Rebuilt HC
Local authority
Largely rebuilt 16–18th centuries.
Tutbury Castle Motte and bailey 110112–15th century Fragmentary ruins HC Slighted 1647–8, 19th century folly stands on motte.