Castles of England/Shropshire

There are 17 castles in Shropshire.

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Notes (Key)
Acton Burnell Castle Fortified manor house 120113th century Ruins EH Shell, used as a barn in the 18th century.
Alberbury Castle Castle 120113th century Fragmentary remains HAL
Bridgnorth Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Fragmentary remains HC Slighted 1645.
Broncroft Castle Fortified manor house 130114th Intact Private Renovated 19th century.
Cheney Longville Castle Fortified manor house 130114–17th century Part habitable Private Building at risk.
Clun Castle Keep and bailey 120113th century Fragmentary remains EH Ruins of keep built onto side of motte.
Hopton Castle Keep and bailey 130114th century Ruins HC

Knockin Castle Motte and Bailey Mound remains.

Ludlow Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Ruins HC
Earl of Powis
One of the great Welsh border castles.
Moreton Corbet Castle Keep 110112th century Fragmentary remains EH Adjoining ruins of 16th century building.
Quatford Castle Neo-romantic castle 1830c.1830 Intact Private Nearby are earthwork remains of the medieval Quatford Castle.
Red Castle Castle 120113th century Fragmentary remains. HC Adapted as feature of Hawkstone Park, 18th century landscape garden. Building at risk.
Rowton Castle Sham castle 170118–19th century Intact Hotel On site of medieval castle, remodelled 1809–12 by George Wyatt.
Shrewsbury Castle Castle 110112th century Rebuilt HM
Shropshire Council
Restored and extended 1642, altered c.1790 by Thomas Telford.
Stokesay Castle Fortified manor house 120113–14th century Intact EH Restored 19th century.
Wattlesborough Castle Castle 120113–14th century Fragment Private Near Rowton, keep/tower survives, adjoining Wattlesborough Hall.
Whittington Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Fragments HC
Local community
Gatehouse towers survive.