Castles of England/Oxfordshire

There are seven castles in Oxfordshire.

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Notes (Key)
Bampton Castle Quadrangular castle 1315c.1315 Fragment Private Lower part of gatehouse and short stretch of curtain wall survive, incorporated into later house known as Ham Court.
Broughton Castle Fortified manor house 130114–15th century Intact HH Remodelled 15–18th centuries.
Hanwell Castle Castellated house 140115–16th century Fragment Private Large surviving tower of unfortified building.
Oxford Castle Motte and bailey 100111–12th century Fragment Hotel Motte and the unusual, possibly Saxon, St. George's Tower.
Rotherfield Greys Castle Fortified manor house 130114th century Fragment ENT Two towers and section of wall survive, close to Greys Court.
Shirburn Castle Quadrangular castle 1378c.1378 Rebuilt Private Originally stone, largely rebuilt in brick c.1720, remodelled 19th century in Gothick style, 19th century working drawbridge.
Wallingford Castle Motte and bailey 100111–13th century Fragmentary remains HC Slighted 1652, impressive earthworks remain.