Castles of England/North Yorkshire

There are more than 30 castles in North Yorkshire, reflecting its turbulent history.

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Notes (Key)
Ayton Castle Castle 120113–14th century Fragment HC
Local authority
Barden Tower Castle 140115th century Ruins HC
Bolton Castle Quadrangular castle 130114th century Ruins HC Besieged and slighted during Civil War.
Cawood Castle Quadrangular castle 13741374–88 Fragments Landmark Trust Largely demolished 1750, gatehouse survives.
Clifford's Tower Keep 120113th century Restored EH Reduced in height 1596.
Crayke Castle Tower house 140115th century Restored Private 170118th and 19th century additions and alterations.
Danby Castle Quadrangular castle 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Private, farm Partly used as farm buildings.
Gilling Castle Tower house 130114th century Intact St. Martin's Ampleforth School 150116th and 18th century additions and alterations.
Harsley Castle Castle 140115th century Fragmentary remains Private, farm Partly used as farm buildings.
Hazlewood Castle Castle 120113–18th century Rebuilt Hotel Altered 18th and 20th centuries, formerly Carmelite retreat centre.
Hellifield Peel Tower house 130114–15th century Restored Hotel Restored 2005.
Helmsley Castle Castle 110112–13th century Fragmentary ruins EH Severely slighted 1645.
Hornby Castle Courtyard castle 130114–15th century Restored Private Converted to country house by John Carr, 18th century.
Knaresborough Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Fragmentary ruins HC
Duchy of Lancaster
Marmion Tower Fortified manor house 140115th century Fragment EH Surviving gatehouse of Tanfield Castle.
Middleham Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Ruins EH
Mulgrave Castle Enclosure castle 110112–13th century Fragmentary ruins HC
Marquess of Normanby
Superseded by 18–19th century castellated mansion also known as Mulgrave Castle.
Nappa Hall Fortified manor house 14591459 Intact Private Enlarged 17th century. Probably the finest, least-spoilt fortified manor house in the north of England.
Pickering Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Ruins EH
Ravensworth Castle Castle 130114th century Fragmentary remains Private
Richmond Castle Keep and bailey 100111–14th century Ruins EH Keep 100 ft high.
Ripley Castle Tower house 140115–16th century Rebuilt HH Extended 1783–6 in Gothic Revival style.
Scarborough Castle Keep and bailey 110112–13th century Ruins EH
Sheriff Hutton Castle Quadrangular castle 13821382 Fragmentary ruins Private
Skelton Castle Castellated house 120113–19th century Intact Private 170118–19th century house incorporates remains of medieval castle.
Skipton Castle Castle 110111–17th century Restored HH Partly demolished 1649, rebuilt 1657–8.
Snape Castle Castle 140115–18th century Restored Private Mostly reconstructed 17th century, partly ruined.
South Cowton Castle Tower house 140115th century Restored Private Altered 19th century, farmhouse.
Spofforth Castle Fortified manor house 120113–15th century Fragmentary ruins EH
Whorlton Castle Castle 130114–16th century Fragmentary ruins HC Remains of gatehouse.
Wilton Castle Neo-romantic castle 1810c.1810 Intact Private apartments By Sir Robert Smirke on site of medieval castle.