Castles of England/Merseyside

There are two castles of note in Merseyside.

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Notes (Key)
Brimstage Hall Tower house 1398c.1398 Substantially intact Crafts centre Tower remains from formerly moated fortified hall, incorporated in later building of 16th and 19th centuries.
Leasowe Castle Sham castle 150116–19th century Intact Hotel Built 1593, extended 1600–42 and 19th century.

Brimstage Hall edit

Brimstage Hall

Brimstage Hall is believed to have been built between the 12th century and 14th century. Originally the site was enclosed by a moat and high embankment. The building's first known occupants were Sir Hugh Hulse and his wife, who were granted the right to construct a chapel in 1398.

Leasowe Castle edit

Leasowe Castle

Leasowe Castle was built by Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby in 1593. Originally the castle consisted only of an octagonal tower. This had become disused by 1700, and it became known as "Mockbeggar Hall", a term often used for an ornate but derelict building. In 1821 ownership passed to the Cust family, who refurbished and extended the building, using panelling from the demolished Star Chamber at the Palace of Westminster as well as oak from the submerged forest along the coast.