Castles of England/Lincolnshire

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Bolingbroke Castle Enclosure castle 120113–14th century Fragmentary ruins EH Slighted after brief siege in 1643.
Bytham Castle Motte and bailey 110112th century Earthworks Private
Goltho Castle Motte and bailey 1080c.1080 Destroyed Site of Saxon fortified dwelling of c.850, established by excavation.
Grimsthorpe Castle Castle 120113th century Fragment HH Remodelled in 18th and 19th centuries, retains 13th century south-east tower.
Hussey Tower Tower house 130114–15th century Ruins HC
Kyme Tower Castle 130114th century Fragment Private
Lincoln Castle Keep and bailey 100111–13th century Substantially intact HC
Local Authority
Double motte and bailey.
Rochford Tower Fortified house 140115–16th century Fragment Private 22 miles east of Boston.
Somerton Castle Quadrangular castle 12811281–1305 Fragment Private Single tower survives, adjoining 17th century building.
Tattershall Castle Tower 14301430s Intact ENT Brick tower built in earlier moated enclosure for Ralph Cromwell, restored in 1911-25 by Lord Curzon.
Torksey Castle Semi-fortified house 150116th century Fragmentary ruins Private Slighted during Civil War.