Castles of England/Lancashire

There are eight castles of note in Lancashire.

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Notes (Key)
Ashton Hall Tower house 130114–19th century Intact Lancaster Golf Club Near Stodday, 14th century tower incorporated in later building.
Borwick Hall Pele tower 130114th century Intact Outdoor education centre Incorporated in mainly 16th century building.
Clitheroe Castle Keep and bailey 100111–12th century Ruins HC
Greenhalgh Castle Quadrangular castle 14901490 Fragmentary ruins Private Demolished 1645.
Hornby Castle Keep 120113th century Fragment Private Keep rebuilt early 16th century, incorporated in 18–19th century house.
Lancaster Castle Keep and bailey 100111–12th century Intact HC
Local authority
Used as a prison from 1745, much altered 20th century through replacement of medieval buildings by Shire Hall, now Crown Court.
Thurland Castle Castle 130114–15th century Rebuilt Private apartments Near Tunstall, ruins rebuilt in 19th century.
Turton Tower Pele tower 140115th century Intact HH Incorporated in later building.