Castles of England/East Sussex

There are seven castles of note in East Sussex.

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Notes (Key)
Bodiam Castle Quadrangular castle 1385c.1385 Ruins ENT Wide moat.
Camber Castle Artillery fort 1540c.1540 Ruins EH 'Dismantled' 1642 after sea receded.
Hastings Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Fragmentary ruins HC
Local Authority
Ruined by 1399.
Herstmonceux Castle Fortified mansion 140115th century Restored Queen's University Brick-built, interior buildings dismantled 1777, restored 20th century, former home of Royal Greenwich Observatory, now Study Centre.
Lewes Castle Keep and bailey 110112–14th century Ruins EH Unusual in that it has two mottes.
Pevensey Castle Keep and bailey 110112th century Ruins EH Castle built within surviving walls of Roman fort of Saxon Shore.
Rye Castle Tower House 1250c.1250 Intact HM Originally called Baddings Tower.